Juan Carlos I
Jubilado Rey de España
Nacido en: 1938 Italia
Hijos: 3
  • Annual: MXN 4,225,045.00
  • Mensual: MXN 352,087.00
  • Semanal: MXN 81,251.00
  • Diario: MXN 11,575.00
Publico.es March 2017: According to the increase of 1% of the salary of all public workers, his salary reached 189,228 euros
Telegraph Feb. 2015: the retired king will receive 80 percent of the amount that King Felipe VI earns. King Felipe VI took a pay cut of 20%, that lowers the salary of Juan Carlos to 187,356.

FinancialTimes Feb. 2014: The royal family's budget is 7.78 million euro. The king will be paid a salary of 140,519 this year, to which the state will add another 152,233 to cover the cost of representation. So his total compensation will be: 292,752 euro

RTL July 18 2012: De Spaanse koning Juan Carlos krijgt vanaf nu 272.752 euro per jaar, bijna 21.000 euro (7,1 procent) minder dan vorig jaar.

ElPays 2011: The royal family receives 8.4 million euro per year, in 2010 it was 8.9 million euro. King Juan Carlos receives 292,752 euro per year in salary and expenses. His salary is 140,519, his expenses 152233.

La Tribuna: 28 Sept. 2009: Due to recession the Spanish government decided for the first time to freeze the allocation of state for the royal household, it will will remain at 8.9 million euros (about $ 13 million) in 2010 .
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Actualización: 2017-3
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